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Restless Minimalism:<br><i>Lexical Music</i> and the<br> Text-Sound Compositions of Charles Amirkhanian

Restless Minimalism:
Lexical Music and the
Text-Sound Compositions of Charles Amirkhanian

Feature by David Menestres

I went all over San Francisco with a recording engineer from CBS Radio who had a Nagra, which is a really fine reel-to-reel machine. We would go into underground subway stations where there was a resonant cavity, and he would turn the volume up and point to me, and I’d say a word, then he’d put the volume down. And my idea was we’d have all these different sorts of fadings-in and -out and they would fall in counterpoint with each other, so you’d have different locations and different timbres of the voice and different words that would somehow add up to something greater than the sum of its parts.