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Elizabeth Price’s <br><i>At The House of Mr X</i>

Elizabeth Price’s
At The House of Mr X

Review by Rose McLaren

There is a guilty enchantment about Elizabeth Price’s films. A knowing delight in the material world combined with an almost violent, if not snide, objection to materialism. At the House of Mr X takes us through the rooms of an almost ludicrously beautiful house, but the film retains something literally repulsive, it pushes us back . . .

Jacques Rancière's <br><i>Béla Tarr, The Time After</i>

Jacques Rancière's
Béla Tarr, The Time After

Review by Rose McLaren

Though powerfully written and often illuminating, Jacques Rancière’s analysis is at times overbearing and frequently skewed by his own dogma. It is perhaps not surprising, then, that Béla Tarr: The Time After reads best where he strays from his theorizing, distracted in a study of the films for their own sakes...