Music & Literature no. 1 (Pärt, Selby Jr., Marcom)

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Music & Literature no. 1 (Pärt, Selby Jr., Marcom)

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“Absolutely first-rate. The kind of thing that’s unavailable anywhere else.” — Veronica Scott Esposito, Conversational Reading

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Featuring essays and tributes by Stig Sæterbakken, Paul Vangelisti, and Jordi Savall, among others, including the featured artists themselves, the debut issue of Music & Literature shines a spotlight on three consummate artists who have yet to receive their due in the Anglophone world: Estonian composer Arvo Pärt, American writer Hubert Selby, Jr., and Saudi-born writer Micheline Aharonian Marcom. This volume includes the world premiere of over 25 pages of manuscripts, notebooks, and scores from the private archives of Arvo Pärt, courtesy of the International Arvo Pärt Centre, as well as two lost interviews with Hubert Selby, Jr., courtesy of Pacifica Radio Archives. We also present an extensive interview with Micheline Aharonian Marcom alongside excerpts from her forthcoming novel, The Nothing on Which the Fire Depends.


174 pages; Paperback / E-book edition forthcoming
ISSN: 2165-4026



I. Arvo Pärt

Why I Always Listen to Such Sad Music / Stig Sæterbakken, trans. Stokes Schwartz

A Conversation with Arvo Pärt / Jordi Savall, trans. Taylor Davis-Van Atta & Katherine Linton 

The Cradle of Tintinnabuli: 30 Years after the Historic Concert / Immo Mihkelson, trans. Robin Hazlehurst

Original 26 October 1976 program / Arvo & Nora Pärt, trans. Shushan Avagyan

Notebooks and Manuscripts from the Crisis Period Leading to Tintinnabuli / Arvo & Nora Pärt

Arvo Pärt: Tabula Rasa / Lothar Mattner, trans. Isabel Cole

The Unification of Opposites: the Tintinnabuli Style in the Light of the Philosophy of Nicolaus Cusanus / Leopold Brauneiss, trans. Robert Crow

The Summa by Arvo Pärt / Saale Kareda

II. Hubert Selby, Jr.

The Room Reconsidered: Afterthoughts on Selby’s Style / Richard Wertime

Remembrance of Cubby / Paul Vangelisti

Two Lost Interviews with Hubert Selby, Jr. / Paul Vangelisti

Psychic Vengeance in Last Exit to Brooklyn / Richard Wertime

III. Micheline Aharonian Marcom

Reading Micheline Aharonian Marcom / Shushan Avagyan

A Conversation with Micheline Aharonian Marcom / Taylor Davis-Van Atta 

Excerpts from The Nothing on Which the Fire Depends / Micheline Aharonian Marcom

Marcom & the Possibilities of Language / Taylor Davis-Van Atta

A Reading of The Mirror in the Well / Tatiana Ryckman