Music & Literature no. 2 (Krasznahorkai, Tarr, Neumann)

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Music & Literature no. 2 (Krasznahorkai, Tarr, Neumann)

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“The best [monograph] ever made about me.” — László Krasznahorkai

“A celebration of Krasznahorkai’s apocalyptic world, one the issue begs you to further explore.” — The Paris Review

“A feast! Highly recommended!” — The Millions

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A global celebration of three of the most dynamic and starkly original artists working today

Music & Literature’s second issue features new literature on and by László Krasznahorkai, Béla Tarr, and Max Neumann. This special volume presents, for the first time in English, an extensive selection of newly translated fiction spanning Krasznahorkai’s 28-year career alongside an array of new appreciations and essays on his work by top critics and artists from around the world; a portfolio of photographs by cinematographer Gábor Medvigy, taken on-set while filming Tarr’s masterpiece Sátántangó; and 24 new paintings by renowned German artist Max Neumann, who previously collaborated with Krasznahorkai on the chapbook Animalinside (New Directions Books & Sylph Editions, 2010). An essential volume for the aficionado and the casual fan alike, Issue Two brings together an international community for a hearty nod to three of our finest living artists.

Guest Curator: Daniel Medin


224 pages; Paperback / E-book edition forthcoming
ISSN: 2165-4026 ISBN: 978-0988879904



Introduction / Jennifer Szalai

The Jerusalem Address / László Krasznahorkai, trans. Ottilie Mulzet

The Last Boat / László Krasznahorkai, trans. George Szirtes

About a Photographer / László Krasznahorkai, trans. George Szirtes

Photographs from the Filming of Sátántangó / Gábor Medvigy

At the Latest in Turin / László Krasznahorkai, trans. George Szirtes

Sukhumi, 1996 / Lenke Szilágyi

The Sukhum Photos / László Krasznahorkai, trans. George Szirtes

Retreat beneath the Earth! / László Krasznahorkai with Noémi Aponyi and Tibor Sennyey Weiner, trans. Ottilie Mulzet

Ze’ami Is Leaving (an excerpt from Seiobo There Below) / László Krasznahorkai, trans. Ottilie Mulzet

The Acropolis in Sunglasses / László Krasznahorkai with Péter Szivák, trans. Ottilie Mulzet

Commission for Evil / László Krasznahorkai with Péter Eötvös, trans. Ottilie Mulzet

The Liptószentmiklós Address / László Krasznahorkai, trans. Ottilie Mulzet

Twenty-four Recent Works / Max Neumann

Foreign Laughter : Foreign Music / George Szirtes

An Interview with Ottilie Mulzet / Scott Esposito

Sátántangó (Film and Novel) as Faulknerian Reverie / Jonathan Rosenbaum

Krasznahorkai’s Pilgrimages / Paul Kerschen

The Pythagorean Comma and the Howl of the Wolf / David Auerbach

The Universal Labyrinth / Justin Beplate

Toward Authority / Scott Esposito

A Conspiracy of Details / Antonio Werli, trans. Louise Rogers Lalaurie

Artists, Eccentrics, Solitaries, and Saints: On László Krasznahorkai’s Seiobo There Below / Andreas Isenschmid, trans. Michael Hulse

About Gods Bereft of Their World / Sándor Radnóti, trans. Ivan Sanders

The Necessary Obstacle / Sergio Chejfec, trans. Margaret B. Carson

Pneumatic Neumann: Inside the Anim / Dan Gunn